Beginning Musicianship™—Part One of The American Musicianship Suite™—is a comprehensive beginning-level and intermediate-level musicianship program integrating ear-training, music theory, music history, and music appreciation in five rigorously cumulative volumes. It is comprised of the following twenty-four components and available through licensing by authorized institutions.

Beginning Musicianship Director Materials
BM-D.1  Director Guide
BM-D.2  Beginning Musicianship Final Examination Study Guide
BM-D.3  Beginning Musicianship Graduation Certificates
BM-D.4  Beginning Musicianship Repertoire Compilation

Beginning Musicianship Primer
BM-P.1  Musicianship Primer Teacher’s Guide
BM-P.2  Musicianship Primer Practice Exam, Proforma
BM-P.3  Musicianship Primer Exam A
BM-P.4  Musicianship Primer Exam B

Beginning Musicianship One
BM-1.1  Beginning Musicianship 1 Teacher’s Guide
BM-1.2  Beginning Musicianship 1 Practice Exam, Proforma
BM-1.3  Beginning Musicianship 1 Exam A
BM-1.4  Beginning Musicianship 1 Exam B

Beginning Musicianship Two
BM-2.1  Beginning Musicianship 2 Teacher’s Guide
BM-2.2  Beginning Musicianship 2 Practice Exam, Proforma
BM-2.3  Beginning Musicianship 2 Exam A
BM-2.4  Beginning Musicianship 2 Exam B

Beginning Musicianship Three
BM-3.1   Beginning Musicianship 3 Practice Exam, Proforma
BM-3.3  Beginning Musicianship 3 Exam A
BM-3.4  Beginning Musicianship 3 Exam B

Beginning Musicianship Four
BM-4.1  Beginning Musicianship 4 Teacher’s Guide
BM-4.2  Beginning Musicianship 4 Practice Exam, Proforma
BM-4.3  Beginning Musicianship 4 Exam A
BM-4.4  Beginning Musicianship 4 Exam B

“I must study politics and war that my sons may have liberty to study mathematics and philosophy. My sons ought to study mathematics and philosophy, geography, natural history, naval architecture, navigation, commerce, and agriculture, in order to give their children a right to study painting, poetry, music, and architecture.”

—John Adams • American Diplomat, Politician, and Founding Father • 2nd President of The United States

“The greatest scientists are artists as well.”

—Albert Einstein • American Physicist


The American Musicianship Suite offers a powerful non-profit arts continuum that bridges and enhances a wide range of programs and curriculums—and it is organized so that it may be adapted to various programs of study.


The American Musicianship Suite provides music educators with a practical, comprehensive, and uniquely effective curriculum whereby an average student can achieve solid mastery of basic musicianship.


The American Musicianship Suite establishes an unparalleled domestic standard for pre-collegiate musicianship training in The United States of America—and it supports that standard with a practical, effective, comprehensive, non-profit course of study.


The American Musicianship Suite imparts a critical counterbalance to unfortunate trends weakening balanced education, general awareness, critical thinking, and the humanities in our nation and culture.


An educational nonprofit offering a comprehensive national pre-collegiate musicianship program for The United States of America